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What have you planned for your Summer Vacation?  It's time to be thinking of it, if you have not already.  Check back for more on this subject soon.  You could win a prize.
Last time I wrote, we were just leaving for our Hawaiian Land & Sea Cruise.  We had a marvelous time, great weather and wonderful company.  Hawaii is beautiful.  The water around the islands is the most incredible cross of royal and navy blue.
We have been advised that the CVS construction will be coming to an end late June or early July.  We can't wait for the dust to settle down and the parking lot to be finished.  Our sidewalk is scheduled to be replaced as is the facade over the sidewalk. 
And again, thank you for your patience while we upgraded our computer system.  Our next step is to look at going on-line with a shopping cart.  We hope to offer a few of our favorite items at a time to test it out.   
Once again, we find ourselves in need of a few good people!  Just as I think we are fully staffed, moving forward and expanding into new projects, someone or several someones are also moving forward in their lives and leaving COTTONWOOD.
A huge 'Good Bye' and 'Good Wishes' goes out to Brenda who is leaving after nearly 15 years.  She has been instrumental in our computer programs and upgrades and in maintaining customer and inventory data bases.  We wish her well in her future endeavors. 

Monday, June 3