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Red is not just a color, it's a state of mind.

Red is so many things… bold and beautiful like crimson rose petals, summery like a patch of strawberries, as much fun as a child’s ball, and as deep as the warmest fire. Just Red by Zen Chic brings you everything this versatile and diverse color scheme has to offer, and more.

Just Red was designed with large-scale floral prints, medium-scale geometric patterns, as well as small-scale blenders, and the addition of little splashes of gold brings an elegant, fanciful feel to the prints. Just imagine such a quilt on a red velvet couch, or perhaps strawberry reds combined with white for a garden quilt on a summer’s day, or a fun and youthful creation with pale and popping pink for a young girl. The possibilities with Just Red are as endless as the color itself.